What is KId Life

Being a kid is simple and complex all at the same time. So here at KidLife we try to make a web of programs and events meant to reach every child no matter where life has them at currently. We challenge every child that comes; to learn much, and then do much. Because they have been born for such a time as this. God has a purpose for each child, and our goal is to help your child find and grow into that purpose.

We can promise a few things: 

1. They will be safe

2. They will have fun

3. They will learn from the Bible

4. They will want to come back


Here at Kid Life we create an environment for you child to discover and develop their own relationship with Christ through the following principles. 

  • Church isn't a building it's people, and

    when we laugh together we grow together. 

  • When we learn about God it changes our lives.

    It helps us trust Him, and change the world.

  • Worshiping God is more than just singing songs.

    Worship is living a life that honors God. 

  • God has called us to a purposeful life,

    to reach our friends and the world.